BuyMyCards Postage Costs

All BuyMyCards postage costs are based on the listing with the highest postage and additional items postage rates for the same seller. In an effort to reduce postage costs and encourage more sales, sellers can reduce the postage costs for the same buyer of multiple listings.

To do this, the seller will set a postage rate for the 1st item and an additional rate for multiple items within the same invoice

BuyMyCards then determines the total postage costs by finding the listing with the Highest postage rate and then finding the listing with the lowest postage rate in order to determine the total postage cost for the invoice from that seller.

Example: if a Buyer has won the following 3 auction from the same seller:

Listing      1st Item Postage      additional item Postage
Listing A              $1.00                    $0.25
Listing B              $4.00                    $1.00
Listing C              $2.00                    $0.75

BuyMyCards will calculate the total postage to be $4.50. The highest postage $4.00 would be used from listing B and the additional items postage amount would be the lowest of the 3 ($0.25) used for the other 2 listings