Setting Postage Rates

Setting up your shipping rates is very simple, and because BuyMyCards has set limits on the amont of Shipping that can be charged based on the category selection.

Go to your My BMC area and select Seller Tools/Postage setup

#1: Free Postage 

Here you can offer buyer's Free shipping if their invoice is over a set certain amount.

#2: Pre filled Shipping Rates:

BuyMyCards Pre-Filled Shipping rates are used ONLY for eBay imported items and CSV Uploaded items.

(PLEASE NOTE:) If importing items from eBay this section Must be filled in otherwise you will need to manually enter each eBay imported items shipping rate separately.)

You can also enter a pre-filled shipping method and any Return policy you have.

All of the above can be done separately, when listing individual items.

#3: Shipping Location Setup

Here select where you will ship items

Domestic: your local country only

Worldwide: United States & Canada

International Surcharge enter any extra amount the you will charge your international buyers