Leaving Feedback

Once the buyer has received their item and inspected it, BuyMyCards.Net encourages them to leave feedback for the seller. The buyer should let others know that the transaction was successfully completed with no issue's and reward sellers for providing quality products and good customer service. However, if the buyer is not happy with their purchase, we ask that they give the seller the opportunity to correct any issue by first communicating with the seller so they can attempt to fix the issue. 

(Communication is KEY!) 

For this reason BuyMyCards will not allow buyers to leave negative feedback until they have first at least contacted the seller.

To leave feedback, use the "Feedback" tab located in your My BMC  and follow the Leave Feedback link When the buyer clicks on this link, they will be brought to a page to leave feedback for purchased and/or sold items. Please be sure to also leave comments. 

(Note:) The comments can only be seen by the Buyer and Seller of the transaction all other user's only see the + - or neutral icon! 

It's a great way to HELP a seller know what they are doing well, or offer them constructive feedback so they can make improvements in their business. It is NOT at all intended to hurt or degrade any BuyMyCards.Net user.