BMC Auction's

BuyMyCards.Net auctions have a unique format unlike other online auction sites

All Bidding starts at $0.25 and All Bids are $0.25

Proxy Bidding: BuyMyCards will bid up to your maximum amount Bidder's simply enter the maximum bid and BMC will do the bidding for you up to that amount and you will be notified via email if you are out bid

BuyMyCards.Net understands for more valuable items, sellers need to be able to protect their investment. Therefore, BMC only allows a minimum starting bid on featured items. 

These featured items are then displayed within the BuyMyCards Homepage slider and insure that only more valuable items are placed on Homepage. (a $1.00 fee applies)

All BMC auction listings run for 3 days with a unique twist during the final 24hrs of the listing whenever a bid is placed the listing will start again at 24hrs remaining.

(Example: If a bid is placed on a BMC auction listing with 23hrs remaining the listing will start again at 24hrs remaining, and so on, even if a bid is placed with 0:01 remaining the listing will revert back to 24hrs remaining)

This will benefit  both buyers and sellers because, 

for buyers, it gives everyone a fair opportunity to get their final bid in. 

For sellers, it insures that they will get the top price for their listing.

This also prevents "snipe" bidding (the process of waiting until the last second to put a bid in), which is used in other formats to prevent competition in the bidding process.