BMC Direct Pay / BMC Credit

BuyMyCards Payment's

BMC Offer's (2) payment options for Buyer's


This payment option is Paid directly to BuyMyCards.Net Through Paypal Funds are held in seller's holding account until item is marked as shipped, then released to seller BMC Credit account for available withdraw and/or purchase's ect.  

(Note if you do not mark the item as shipped, the funds will stay on hold!)


This payment option is Paid directly to the seller from the 

Buyer's BMC Credit account  (Held for 10 Days)

Buyer's can fund their accounts from the My BMC summary page

Both of these Payment option are Mandatory for seller's to accept!  

it is the Buyer's choice on which option to choose!

Seller's BMC Credit saves you money

How you ask? well. let's look at the example below

You sell 5 cards to 5 different buyers for $1.00 ea +$2.45 ea S/H = $3.45  each seller pays you through Paypal, Paypal takes $0.40 for ea sale that's $2.00 to Paypal, just so you can get paid! By using BMC Credit all your payments can build up and you can withdraw to Paypal for 1 transaction so in the example the 5 sales total $17.25, if you withdraw your BMC Credit to your Paypal account you now are only paying $0.80 to Paypal instead of $2.00 for the same 5 sales! this is just a small example to think about, what if you sold 50 cards to 50 buyers? imagine the fee's  each buyers pays through paypal and paypal gets a total of $20.00, if you were to withdraw the total of $172.25 in 1 transaction your Paypal fee would ONLY be $5.30.

All Payments are held for 10 Day's ! (this allow's for delivery time) if no issue's have been reported then BuyMyCards will auto release the funds to the seller's BMC Credit account for withdraw or to leave within the account for future purchase's etc 

Note: Withdraws under $25.00 will be charged $0.75

BuyMyCards.Net strongly recommends you never send Cash directly in an envelope to a seller that you don't know. and Never use wire transfer companies such as Money Gram or Western Union to send payment for your Sports Cards